What was the last mindless work you were doing? Turning the TV on and tuning into channel 306? Not anymore, just open your door, TV will get switched on and tune into your favorite channel automatically. Not a new thing, huh. As per the weather report of your area, TV will automatically set up your air conditioner. Pretty good? TV can be the heart of your smart home which can control almost everything at home from desktop to diaper. Isn’t it awesome? Here is Internet of Things(IoT), going to be the hottest and most spoken about technology in 2015. Soon you are going to have more connected devices than friends.

That’s it? Just connecting the devices. No. Things around are going to be intelligent and outsmart us. By things, I mean EVERYTHING! Amazon’s most recent product Dash, believed to be April fool prank, is real and revolutionary. Next time if you notice you are running out of detergent, don’t go to Amazon, choose the product, order it and make payment. Just take out your Dash and say or scan whatever you need. Order placed! Never forget an item again, as they say. A Dutch startup Sparked went one step ahead by linking cows to internet. Soon you might get a mention from your pet’s twitter account!

How suddenly things are changing? The concept of smart devices roots back to 1982. But the tipping point has come after the introduction of IPV6. Another reason is continuously decreasing cost of sensors. The raw numbers of expected connected devices by 2020 are startling and revealing. According to Gartner, there’ll be 25 billion connected devices by 2020 i.e 20 times India’s population. All major firms are in upbeat mode with billions of dollars in hand. Data are now the equivalent of oil or gold.

Finally, are we ready for the change? Change is the only constant in life. Our cheese has been moved already. Slowly and steadily we’re moving towards it. Not an easy path. There is often a struggle between identity and change. It’s going to be Apollo program but believe me the view from the top is worth it. So, let’s get ready for the new wave.


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