When I see a fresher stepping into an IT corporate, I just get reminded of myself entering the same world two years back. My entry into the IT world was not accidental, but finely crafted. I studied computer science and IT for six years. Still the entry was not that easy as I had to reject admission offers from two of India’s top business schools(both are IIMs) to live my dream. After all, I joined this world where each one of us work day and night to add value to someone’s life. Since I joined, our industry has changed a lot. But the entry level roles and responsibilities are more or less same.

We talk a lot about how agile and nimble an organization should be but the hierarchial distance between top management and a fresher remains the same. When the world is moving towards as-a-service economy and utility based, we’re still stuck with lower utilization rates. SoftBank, one of the leading investors, invested 200 million dollars in a startup run by a 22-year-old founder. Whereas the maximum job a fresher does here is restarting the server.

Slowly the industry is recognizing the problems. One of the largest IT services companies is running pilot projects with reduced hierarchy and another one is exploring the ways to do away with the traditional pyramid model. Welcome moves but inadequate. Less experienced need to be engaged in critical roles as they fear less. They know and use SMAC technologies more than anyone else. They are future ready. All that an organization has to do is to build an environment that empowers everyone to go out and win big.

Above article is Subaash Viswanathan’s personal opinion and doesn’t represent any organization.


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