Revisiting the payments landscape

Two and half years ago when I started working for a financial services multinational, I got an opportunity to learn about payments industry. Most of the discussions were around Cards, Cheques and Third-party transfers (Gross and Net settlements). Fast-forward to today, I see a completely different world. Emerging technologies and smartphones have painted the payments … Continue reading Revisiting the payments landscape


App-only banks : Banking is essential, Banks are not

Am I kidding? Nope. Is it possible for a bank to run only on mobile apps without even opening single branch? Yes and they have a name for themselves - Neobanks. BankMobile, Number26, Moven and Atom bank are some of the app-only banks that operate in different regions(mostly in Europe and U.S). The products they … Continue reading App-only banks : Banking is essential, Banks are not

The Big Short

  The Big Short is a Hollywood movie about Financial Crisis’08 which led to global recession from 2008-2012. This movie won the academy award for best adapted screenplay. I personally enjoyed this movie more than The Revenant. And I know it’s absurd to compare both. There is a lot of finance in the movie but trust … Continue reading The Big Short