Devops – Breaking the wall

What's the first thing that comes to the mind when you think about Devops? Is it Jenkins, Chef, or Puppet? Most of the people say yes. The growing number of Devops conferences, roles and teams tell a story that Devops has traveled quite far from its original definition. We hire a team or at least … Continue reading Devops – Breaking the wall


Revisiting the payments landscape

Two and half years ago when I started working for a financial services multinational, I got an opportunity to learn about payments industry. Most of the discussions were around Cards, Cheques and Third-party transfers (Gross and Net settlements). Fast-forward to today, I see a completely different world. Emerging technologies and smartphones have painted the payments … Continue reading Revisiting the payments landscape

Evolve the ESB – In Pokémon Go’s way

In Pokémon Go, collecting Pokémon is just the beginning, you have to evolve it to the next level to stay in the game. Evolving a particular species of Pokémon gives more CP (Combat points) and HP (Hit points), so that it can be a valuable addition to your collection. To fight better, you need a … Continue reading Evolve the ESB – In Pokémon Go’s way

App-only banks : Banking is essential, Banks are not

Am I kidding? Nope. Is it possible for a bank to run only on mobile apps without even opening single branch? Yes and they have a name for themselves - Neobanks. BankMobile, Number26, Moven and Atom bank are some of the app-only banks that operate in different regions(mostly in Europe and U.S). The products they … Continue reading App-only banks : Banking is essential, Banks are not

Higher Ambitions but Lesser Opportunities

  When I see a fresher stepping into an IT corporate, I just get reminded of myself entering the same world two years back. My entry into the IT world was not accidental, but finely crafted. I studied computer science and IT for six years. Still the entry was not that easy as I had to … Continue reading Higher Ambitions but Lesser Opportunities

The Big Short

  The Big Short is a Hollywood movie about Financial Crisis’08 which led to global recession from 2008-2012. This movie won the academy award for best adapted screenplay. I personally enjoyed this movie more than The Revenant. And I know it’s absurd to compare both. There is a lot of finance in the movie but trust … Continue reading The Big Short

GST – What’s in it for you?

  "In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except Death and Taxes" - Benjamin Franklin Taxes don't need introduction. Wherever we go, they follow us. There is so much talk about GST in the recent times. GST is said to be the biggest tax revolution in independent India. Markets are reacting big … Continue reading GST – What’s in it for you?

Welcome the new wave

  What was the last mindless work you were doing? Turning the TV on and tuning into channel 306? Not anymore, just open your door, TV will get switched on and tune into your favorite channel automatically. Not a new thing, huh. As per the weather report of your area, TV will automatically set up … Continue reading Welcome the new wave